Guided Meditations for Android

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Guided Meditations App for Android

Guided Meditations App for Android

Guided Meditations contains a serie of easy-to-follow audio guides that bring you to a state of vibrant stillness. Simply relax and follow the instructions.

Present yourself a soothing start of the day by listening to a guided meditation first thing in the morning or dramatically better the quality of sleep by meditating just before turning in at night.

If you find it hard to fall asleep at night, Guided Meditations might be just the tool you’ve been seeking. When the mind is truly active it’s hard to relax, let alone falling asleep. Thinking of work or personal troubles are common causes of insomnia.

With its might to dissolve physical and mental tension we all know that meditation is great for us – but where do you begin?
Guided Meditations is fun and simple to follow: Put on your favorite headphones, press play and shut your eyes. All you truly need is a 15-minute coffee break, so fitting it into a crazy busy schedule is really feasible.

Physical and mental stress brings us out of balance. So, how do you fall asleep after a crazy busy day at the office? One approach is to keep the stress below a critical level throughout the day, by not letting it to turn into a wildfire. Preventive measures are more effective than attempting to suppress stress that’s already burning. Here, the short meditation on the commuter train or during the coffee break works wonders.


+ 5 Powerful Audio Guided Meditations: Healing, Higher Power, Potential, Quiet The Mind and Serenity Meditation.

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